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REDC is a for-profit clean energy, social purpose corporation, for the benefit of humanity and is a United States Federal Contractor-Cage Code 6WWS2. We help our clients reduce their carbon-footprint and overhead costs by introducing new innovative clean energy technologies that are strategically placed into already in-place-place infrastructure. The REDC 21st century approach turns aging infrastructure into income producing infrastructure that provides reliable carbon-free energy for a low-upfront-cost.

Tapping into wasted or unused hydrokinetic energy that exists within infrastructure is a smart investment. The already in-place, permitted infrastructure costs much less and takes a fraction of the time to develop versus traditional hydropower.  Low-upfront-costs and swift permitting periods are the key elements that allow us to offer our customers excellent payback periods and profit margins. The market is enormous and a large amount of new green jobs are created due to investments being driven to our new highly profitable hydrokinetic clean energy industry.

We install our REDC Hydrokinetic In-flow Prime Mover and Generators at innovative locations within dams, locks, canals, bridges, high-rise buildings, water distribution facilities, water collection facilities and storm drain systems. REDC manages projects from water to wire; we walk our clients through a feasibility study, predict the available potential energy, costs associated with tapping into the carbon-free energy and take each step with our clients through the Conduit Exemption process required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

If your entity or agency is interested in converting aging or new infrastructure into clean energy generating infrastructure, contact us. Visit our Developed Nations page for a list of REDC infrastructure conversion options, then please visit our Contact Us page, give a brief description of your project, name and contact information and we will be in touch.

Developing Nations

REDC invents clean energy technologies coupled with trailblazing sustainable business models to help solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. REDC’s cutting edge clean energy solutions provide the fuel needed for our sustainable business models to drive communities out of poverty and into the future. We take a bottom-up approach by selecting a less economically developed community in need of our solutions. The approach allows us to establish working relationships,  directly educate and train community members how to operate and maintain our clean energy technology and sustainable business models,  while establishing reliable forms of communication in order to document the results our solutions have on the entire community over time and provide that information to the public. Our sustainable business models are designed to expand over time, while promoting gender equality, jobs, healthier lives, increased household incomes, education, environmental stewardship and community economic development.

REDC partners with non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations and corporations.  Please visit our Developing Nations page for a list of open projects and contact us.

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