About Us

REDC is a clean energy company for the benefit of humanity. Our clean energy technology helps our clients aging and already in-place infrastructure, evolve into Smart Infrastructure for the 21st century. The renewable energy and energy efficiency approach reduces infrastructure overhead costs to taxpayers, generates new revenue streams, and it provides low-cost, carbon-free electricity.

REDC introduces our technology at strategic locations and it recovers energy that is currently wasted or unused. Already-in-place dams, locks, canals, water distribution, water collection and storm drain infrastructure all possess hydrokinetic energy that is currently untapped. We walk our clients through our feasibility study; predict the available potential energy with our engineers, predict the costs associated with tapping into the energy and we project payback periods over time with our business team.

Developing Nations: The REDC Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps some of the poorest communities in the world reduce malnutrition, childhood mortality, and poverty.

In developing nations clean energy needs are different than that of a developed nation. We take a bottom-up approach when working with developing nations and Non Government Organizations (NGOs). Small, rural, less economically developed communities are equipped with REDC’s Solar Food Preservation Facility, which helps farmers provide their communities with fresh, low-cost nutritious food year-round. Farmers residing close to flowing rivers can increase crop production and

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