Hydrokinetic Prime Mover

  • Pumping water uphill (irrigations and storage)
  • Carbon-free electric generation

REDC’s Hydrokinetic Prime Mover is placed in rivers and tides to generate reliable, carbon-free energy 24 hours a day. The clean energy technology converts the hydrokinetic energy from flowing water and converts it into mechanical energy, which REDC uses for pumping water or generating carbon-free electricity.
REDC separates itself from the competition not only is the technology is extremely friendly to under water species, debris does not impact its operation and it works in water pipes. Already-in-place infrastructure such as dams, locks, water distribution facilities, water collection facilities and storm drain infrastructure all possess untapped waste carbon-free energy. REDC’s clean energy technology helps customers make their infrastructure more energy efficient; it creates new revenue streams for life of the infrastructure and the environment benefits.

In rivers and tides water current is deflected by the hydrokinetic prime movers fender. The water current forces the buckets to pull on a chain that is connected to two sprockets. The front sprocket rotates a set of gears that rotate a shaft at high speed for pumping water or generating electricity.

Download the White Paper for the Prime Mover

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