REDC Mission

The REDC mission: is to create social well being by; supplying cutting edge, clean energy technologies and business models that grow rural less economically developed communities from the bottom up.

Sustainable Business Business

REDC’s technologies and business models together, help create brand-new sustainable business(s) models for small-scale farmers residing in rural developing nations. The new business model helps the small-scale farmer produce a new income, by way of sustainable farming and food preservation.

We are a proud Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’’s) Small-business. All of our clean energy inventions benefit the SDG’’s in some way. When creating business models to go with our clean energy inventions the 17 SDG’s play a huge part creating our sustainable businesses models.


Hydrokinetic Energy
(Rivers, Tides and Wave)

Hydrokinetic Turbines

REDC Inc. uses the Fetters Hydrokinetic Turbine as our hydrokinetic prime mover. The Fetters Hydrokinetic Turbine was designed to be environmentally friendly towards aquatic species and vegetation. The clean energy technology operates in a conveyor motion. Traditional hydrokinetic technology operates in an axial flow. Axial flow is a chopping motion by the blades of the hydrokinetic technology. This chopping motion can hurt salmon, orca’s and plant matter.

The Fetters Hydrokinetic Turbine uses a slow moving high torque system. Buckets are pushed by the flow of the water current; the attached chain rotates a set of sprockets and gear assembly that allows water pumping or electric generation.

Fetters Hydrokinetic Turbine
Fetters Hydrokinetic Turbine Proof of Concept

The Fetters Hydrokinetic Turbine was designed to be versatile. The technology converts the energy from flowing water from rivers and tides into mechanical energy. The Fetters Hydrokinetic Turbine uses this mechanical energy to pump water up-hill for energy storage. The technology also can use the mechanical energy to generate reliable carbon-free electricity 24 hours a day. Grid dispatchers can rely upon this dependable clean electricity.

The Fetters Hydrokinetic Turbine can be retrofitted to generate electricity from storm-drains, canals and water piping infrastructure.

The technology was designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible with minimal impact on the environment that it is being exposed to. The technology was designed to be debris friendly for storm drains and winter conditions in untamed rivers. Sticks, logs rocks, and ice chunks will pass the Fetters Hydrokinetic Turbine with ease as the buckets travel with the same speed as the current and debris. Upon the bucket collapsing and returning to the beginning the debris and any aquatic species pass with ease. Traditional axial style hydrokinetic rotors will break down or need to be removed due to damage of the blades. When retrofitting industrial lock facilities, salmon or other fish species do not have their passage impeded by the Fetters Hydrokinetic Turbine.

Industrial application for water piping infrastructure. Using our already-in-place infrastructure are low-cost investments in comparison to other clean energy technologies. Payback periods are swift and ROI’s are exceptional.

Concentrated Solar Power

Concentrated Solar Power
Cooler oil enters the Concentrated Solar Power heating system and leaves hot.

REDC Inc. uses parabolic troughs to condense the sun’s rays down to approximately 100 times. We use this concentrated ray to super-heat oil. We use the hot oil to do a multitude of things such as refrigeration and boiling water.

Below on the left is an ammonia absorption refrigerator with REDC’s heat exchanger attached directly attached to the generator piping. On the right is REDC’s Glass Jar Canning Kettle. The double walled canning kettle boils water for warm bath canning and pressure canning. On both inventions the hot oil enters at the bottom, fills the device with hot oil and leaves out of the top under minimal pressure. The oil is circulated back through closed loop system for reheating at the concentrated solar power system. The process repeats itself.

The Solar Food Preservation Facility prevents food waste without needing access to electricity.

Without access to reliable electricity in rural environments where the majority of the food is grown in every nation small-scale farmers cannot preserve nutritious food on a commercial scale. Farmers are forced to grow grains, rice and cereals due to their ability to stay preserved. Unfortunately these crops do not possess the micronutrients a growing body requires. Hence, the reason 800 million people are malnourished in this world today.

REDC’s Canning Kettle

REDC’s Solar Food Preservation Facility (SFPF) helps farmers preserve nutritious food for short-term periods with our cold storage, walk in cooler and long-term periods with REDC’s glass jar pressure canning system. Now farmers can grow and preserve nutritious foods without needing access to electricity. Community members benefit immediately, from the year-round, low-cost, nutritious food.

The clean energy technology immediately impacts newborns lives in the communities where the Solar Food Preservation Facility is in operation. Pregnant and nursing mothers will now have access to food that has the proper micro-nutrients a growing body requires the entire year.

The Solar Food Preservation Facility can help jump-start a rural farming business and a rural farming community.

Almost zero waste occurs at the harvest stage. This helps the small-scale farmer turn normally wasted nutritious food into profits for his / her business. The business model expands, new product lines are created, new jobs are formed and women benefit from the new canning station chef positions.

Women possess fingertip dexterity that men do not have. Glass jar canning requires cutting, chopping, paring and peeling. Women directly benefit from the jobs associated with the Solar Food Preservation Facility.

Clean Energy Manufacturing

Renewable Energy Design Concepts Inc. invents and manufacturers our clean energy technologies. We are a United States Federal Contractor. Our Unique Entity ID is PMG6CHZBQVA8 and our Cage Code is 8UPH7. We are located in a HUBZone, (high unemployment and low population) Lewis County, Washington.

Renewable Energy Design Concepts Inc. and J & B Logstackers are two companies that benefit one another when working together.

J & B Logstackers re-manufacturers and repairs industrial heavy equipment; they have a full team, tools, machines, and facility already-in-place. REDC Inc. rents space and sub-contracts J & B Logstackers to build our clean energy technologies.

These business-to-business relationships helps REDC Inc. provide Made in the USA Clean Energy Technologies for our customers. The jobs are in high demand and the family wage paying jobs are needed in this county. This business relationship that both owners have agreed upon is a prime example of implementing the SDG’s into business decisions.

The Fabrication Shop

Fabrication Team

The Fabrication Shop has the staff, tools knowledge and facility to complete any of REDC Inc.’s clean energy builds. The Fabrication Team is made up of multiple custom fabricators with 20 plus years of experience.

The Machine Shop

Custom Shafts and Sprockets

The Machine Shop is a special part of this business relationship. The machine shop builds a majority of the Fetters Hydrokinetic Turbine. We manufacture our own shafts, sprockets, and gear assemblies in house.

Different machines

Having the ability to get the needed work done on site is very beneficial to REDC Inc. Our Lead Machinist has over 30 plus years of experience and is known as one of the best custom machinist in the area.

Custom shafts with splines and gears
Lathe for making Fetters Hydrokinetic Turbine shafts

Expansion New Facility

Massive indoor space for new projects

J & B Logstackers has expanded operations from a 6000 Sqft. fabrication space to a 60,000 Sqft. fabrication and machining facility. The new property has access to the rail road and it has six overhead cranes for heavy lifting throughout the facility. The new facility is well equipped for REDC’s Inc.’s clean energy manufacturing.

Multiple Bays
Overhead Cranes for heavy lifting

The facility is large enough for REDC Inc. and J&B Logstackers to both utilize the space and not get in the others way.

New Facility’s Machine Shop with Overhead Cranes